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Centers such as Batson Chirohealth Group can be of great help

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The party’s reaction came on a day when normal life was disrupted in the Telangana region due to a bandh called by the Telangana Joint Action Committee to protest police action against MPs and MLAs during Saturday’s rail roko. On October 7, the Congress top brass had held hectic consultations on the ticklish statehood issue. Andhra Pradesh Governor E S L Narasimhan also had meetings with central leaders on the situation in the state more than a week ago.

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But now she can only see one metre in front of her from one

Provide so much more than books to our communities, said Montesano. Provide the opportunity to escape reality and dive headfirst into a world of wonder, fantasy, romance and thrilling adventures. Libraries also bring our communities together through classes, events and other programs offered for people of all ages.

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